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Poirier will turn 32 years of age on Jan. 19. He is from Lafayette, Louisiana, which is acceptably in excess of 400 miles from Arlington. The exstretch champ lost a lightweight title meeting to the undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov in September 2019. He weaved back with a predicted choice achievement over Dan Prostitute in June. Going before that sort out, McGregor lost by strategy for comfort to Khabib in October 2018. His part in a predicament among his and Khabibs camps incited a sixmonth suspension, and he didnt battle again until going toward Cerrone. The two contenders battle once before in September 2014, when McGregor beat Poirier by firstround technical knockout. It's a rematch of the fight which helped set McGregor up for life as an authentic rival in the UFC featherweight division, and not just an individual with a windbag. McGregor's first-round fulfillment of Poirier at UFC 178 dispatched him on a way which included both 145-and 155-pound titles, as he become the UFC's first simultaneous two-weight-class champion. https://voticle.com/...r-rematch-approaches


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