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The UFC made the meeting official for UFC 257, which is a direct result of happen on January 23. Nothing has been made authority about the scene yet. Nevertheless, Dana White necessities McGregor versus Poirier 2 to be basic for a worldwide fight week at Abu Dhabi. He similarly talked about having pool social affairs and fans for the fight. With the headway's most prominent star set to reestablish, the UFC is no vulnerability wanting to exploit it financially. A contention between the two top lightweights on the planet is a mouth-watering prospect for the fight to come fans. https://www.robinspost.com/social/blogs/view/29900 It is entrancing to check whether Poirier can change the course of their conflict on the side of himself. He is obviously putting in the hard yards in his proposal to attempt to out the scores against the past UFC champion. It's a rematch of the fight which helped set McGregor up for life as an authentic rival in the UFC featherweight division, and not just an individual with a windbag. McGregor's first-round fulfillment of Poirier at UFC 178 dispatched him on a way which included both 145-and 155-pound titles, as he become the UFC's first simultaneous two-weight-class champion.


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